December 2021

Tracy Hartman

I am delighted to become a part of the Suffolk Christian Church family and to walk alongside you in this season of transition.  I am enjoying getting acquainted with the transition team and the church staff, and I am looking forward to getting to know you as well!  My goals are to help the transition team prepare you to call a new pastor, and to provide continuity, stability, and leadership in the interim time.


My husband and I make our home in Richmond, VA.  I will be in Suffolk on Sundays and then again on Wednesdays. I would love to meet you for lunch or coffee, and I will be available for pastoral care calls on those days.  I am also available by phone throughout the week at 804-928-8695 or via email at


During the Christmas season, our thoughts often turn to gift giving.  Here are a few gifts we can offer to God and to each other as we begin our season of ministry together.


Gifts I Offer to You.  As your pastor, I covenant with you to:

  • Serve alongside you until your new pastor is in place.
  • Work with the staff to continue providing biblically based, creative and thoughtful worship services.
  • Provide pastoral care and special services as the need arises.
  • To work with the transition team to help prepare you for a new leader.


Gifts You Can Offer to Me.

  • Help me learn your name and your story! Please tell me your name every time you see me until I can name you from memory.  I am looking forward to fellowship opportunities that will allow me to get to know each of you better.
  • Be patient with me! I am learning about Suffolk Christian Church, and your story and traditions.  I’m a fast learner, but I’ll make a few missteps along the way.  Thanks in advance for helping me get up to speed!


Gifts We Can All Give God and the Church

  • Stay engaged and active!  We are often tempted to see an interim as a period of “down-time” in a congregation.  Nothing should be further from the truth.  We will all need to be committed and engaged as we clarify our mission and vision and continue to carrying on the work of the gospel all around us. 
  • Pray! Pray for one another, for the church, and for the new leader that God is already preparing to bring our way.


I’m delighted to be on the journey with you,