My Dear Friends,

I had hoped that by now, February of 2021, I would be addressing you with the great news that we had defeated The Virus and that our lives would have gotten back to “normal”. That is not to be. Yet.

Yes, this has in many respects been a long, dark night. Our lives have been disrupted, to say the least, and the end is not yet in sight. Thousands and thousands of our fellow Americans have died from this virus and our lives have been disrupted beyond imagination.

But there is hope in the midst of this! As the Gospel chorus tells us, “What a mighty God we serve!” None of this, absolutely none, has come as a surprise to our Heavenly Father, and He is continuing to work out His will among us. That is our Christian hope and we should embrace it even though from our human perspective we do not understand it.

Most of you will remember Dr. Robert Shuller. He founded and pastored the Crystal Cathedral in California and was a television pastor and prolific author. He was noted for his positive thinking and this was reflected in the many books he wrote. I read over some of the titles of his books and am reminded of God’s grace, titles like Toughminded Faith for Tenderhearted People . . . Tough Times Never Last but Tough People Do . . . Living Positively One Day at a Time . . . and my personal favorite, Life’s Not Fair, But God Is Good.

No, these book titles will not solve your problems, but maybe one or more will strike a chord within your heart to lead you to God’s Word to remind you where all of this is headed.

Take heart, fellow Christians. The final chapter has not been written and God has a lot more to say to you and me. Keep doing the right thing and pray fervently every day.

Love, Michael