My Dear Friends,

November is upon us and we now turn to other events in the life of our church. Founders Day, Thanksgiving Day, Advent, and then Christmas are just ahead. “We had hoped” that things would have returned to something near “normal”, but that is not to be — yet!

Your church leadership and staff have worked diligently, consistently, and with much vigor over these months as we try to be faithful to the health restrictions and yet provide exciting and inspirational worship and study experiences. We will carry that “gusto” into these coming events.

“Founders Day”, the first Sunday in November, is a tribute to the hardy souls who founded our church in 1860 under the leadership of the Rev. Dr. William B. Wellons. In November of that year, when the church was accepted into the Eastern Virginia Conference of The Christian Church, Suffolk Christian Church faced the future unafraid. Unfortunately, only a few years later the church ceased operations for awhile, until the conclusion of the Civil War.

When Dr. Wellons returned to Suffolk from his duties as a chaplain in the Confederate Army, the church body had scattered and the original building was in disrepair. Facing great challenges — as we are today! — Dr. Wellons and his band of believers regrouped and restarted. God was not through with our church!

As a prelude to a time of Thanksgiving and the joys of the Christmas season, let’s take a lesson from our foremothers and our forefathers and go forth knowing that our best years of ministry are ahead of us!

Meanwhile, pray every day that wise women and men will lead us and that we will all come together to fight our common enemy. Bless you for all you do!

Love, Michael