JULY 2021

My Dear Friends,

Last Sunday I told both services that “it feels almost like normal”. I said that with just a little trepidation, because from the news we keep hearing, the battle is not over just yet.

So, I . . . and also you, must remain vigilant.

Thinking about this “battle” we all have been fighting, I am reminded once again to say a huge, I mean a HUGE “Thank you!” to all of you who cooperated and played by the rules and did all the healthy and safe things that have brought us to the point of being able to remove the “restriction signs” which were posted around our church building. Oh my, I have even been seeing lots of hugs these past few Sundays!

The virus did not catch God by surprise. In fact, nothing surprises God, as we all know. Even if we never figure out exactly what caused this virus to hit us so hard, we can rest easy knowing that God had things in control all the time. God didn’t immediately deliver us from the virus any more than he has delivered his people through all the difficulties recorded in the Bible. For example, God’s people in slavery in Egypt.

We all need to “have a little talk with Jesus” to keep learning the lessons of the pandemic. We all need to allow God’s Spirit to work in us and teach us the way forward. Things may never become “normal”, whatever that is. But God’s purposes are the same every single day: that we love and serve our Lord.

We can only do that serving in the context of the community of believers, so please pray for your/my/our church!

God Bless you!

Love, Michael