July's Blog

“Make Your Recreation Re-Creation!”

As we move into the heart of summer, many of us will be enjoying some much-needed vacation.  Whether you are heading to the beach, the mountains or “home” to visit family, I pray that your time away will be just what you need it to be.  As you take a break from your normal routine, and hopefully slow down a bit, I encourage you to enjoy some true Sabbath – time to rest in body, mind, and spirit – time to allow God to rejuvenate you.

 I also hope that, whether you are able to get away or not, you will join in me in prayer for the following:  


  • Please continue to pray for our the transition team as they continue work on the church and pastoral profiles and as they work together to assemble the pastor search committee. These are important next steps for our congregation and we want God to continue to lead us each step of the way. Pray that the pastor search committee will have discerning hearts and minds, and that God will lead the right candidate to us.


  • Continue to pray for our new pastor, that God will continue preparing him/her to be the leader that SCC needs to lead us into a vibrant future.


  • Third, continue to pray for our church.  Pray that God will prepare us to receive a new leader, pray that we will be willing to say YES!; to think creatively and go forth boldly as we enter a new chapter.  


  • Finally, pray that you will be open to how God might be directing you to serve – either in the church or in the world.   


There are exciting days ahead. I’m honored to be on the journey with you, Tracy