MAY 2021

My Dear Friends,

Our long and tiring battle against The Virus has been worth our valiant efforts, as markers and signs seem to be encouraging. Keep up the good work and keep up your vigilance. Your Task Force is keeping a close eye on developments and will continue to monitor our programs and activities to ensure we are kept as safe and health as possible. Thanks for your help!

On May 16 we will once again observe Memorial Sunday (NOT to be confused with Memorial Day, a national observance, on Sunday, May 30). It has been two years since we have been able to remember our loved ones who have died since late April, 2019. Our memorial booklet will list our church members who have died and also the immediate family members of our church members as well. As with all such lists, there is always the possibility of omissions and errors despite our most conscientious efforts to be totally accurate. Please, if you will, email us,, with those of your family who have passed away during that timeframe so we can double check our list.

As always in this service, candles will be lit for each one and families will be encouraged to take their candle as a remembrance.

The Bible reminds us, Blessed are those who die in the Lord. (Revelation 14:13)

God bless you!