Years ago I ran across “A Psalm of Summer”. It is a light-hearted look at how some look at the summer months that are now upon us. I offer it to you, hoping you will get a smile if not a chuckle from it!

Now it came to pass that spring turned to summer again. God’s people raised their voices and said:

Recreation is my shepherd, I shall not stay at home; 
He maketh me to lie down in a sleeping bag; 
He leadeth me down the Interstate each weekend. 
He restoreth my suntan; 
He leadeth me to State Parks for comfort’s sake.

Even though I stray on the Lord’s Day, I will fear no reprimand, 
for Thou art with me; 
my rod and reel they comfort me. 
anointest my skin with oil, my gas tank runneth dry; 
Surely my trailer shall follow me all the weekends this summer, 
and I shall return to the House of the Lord this fall.

But then it is hunting season and that’s another psalm.

May the Lord bless you real good!