My Dear Friends,

As I go about doing various errands — bank, groceries, fuel, etc. — all on a limited basis of course — I often ask clerks, “Are you tired of this yet?”

I need not tell you the response(s) I receive!

Years ago, Dr. Robert Schuller commented on a tornado which destroyed his boyhood home in Iowa, “I learned from my father that tough times never last. Tough people do.” I think he went on to write a book of a similar title.

Dr. Schuller makes a good point. These are tough times. No doubt. We don’t know when it will all end or how it will end. No doubt about that, either. But rather than just lying down and letting it all wash over us, there is much we can do. And it all has to do with your Christian faith.

For far too long now we have been taking Jesus for granted. For far too long we have put Jesus and the demands of our Christian faith way back on the back burner of the stove of life to be dealt with at “some future, more convenient time”. Well, that time has come, convenient or not.

This Sunday I am beginning a series of sermons which will tackle the question, “What if Jesus really meant what He said?” The primary Scripture text for this series will be Matthew 5-6-7, the Sermon on the Mount. It is time — high time — that we take an honest look at Jesus and what He said we should be about.

I am not kidding when I say that all my sermons are first “preached” to myself. I find that I am compelled to say things that make me personally uncomfortable. But if my words do not come from my mouth only after being wrestled with in my heart, they are empty words indeed.

So, please do your part: 1) Pray (fervently).  2) Read (start with Mt 5-6-7).  3) Listen (with an open mind and heart).  4) Go forth (to serve this Jesus).

God bless you!

Love, Michael