July 2023 Blog


Thank you to Priscilla, the Board of Christian Education, and all of the volunteers who worked so hard to make VBS a great success this week.  We trust that God has been at work in the hearts of the children who attended, and we hope that this ministry will bring new faces to our family of faith.                                                                                                       

 In worship over the next four weeks, we will be examining the topic “Enough.” Here is the schedule, plan to join us as often as you can:

June 25th:                     Is God Enough? (Catch up on You Tube if you missed it!)

July 2nd                       Am I Enough/Are We Enough?

July 9th                        How Much is Enough?

July 16th                      When Enough is Enough

Invite a friend to join you for worship!

Please continue to pray for the Pastor Search Team and for the candidate that God is calling to be our next pastor. (Please see the update from the search team in the newsletter). We have been praying for this person for many months, and I remain confident that God will reveal him/her to us in just the right time. In the meantime, I’m on the journey with you,