March 2024 Blog

Pastor’s Column

        March is shaping up to be an exciting month in the life of our church! On March 7-8 the Pastor Search Team has an on-site interview with a very promising pastoral candidate.  After two good zoom interviews, it is time for the team and the candidate to meet in person and for the candidate to see our beautiful church. Please continue to pray for the search team and the candidate, that God will continue to be in their midst, providing discernment and direction. If both the Search Team and the candidate decide to move forward after this interview, a Call Weekend will be scheduled for the entire church to meet the candidate, hear a trial sermon and vote on calling this person to be our new pastor.

     In the meantime, we will be making our way through the Lenten season together. Priscilla Bunch and Sean Bilby are leading two of our youth through the updated pastor’s class, now called, “My Journey to Accepting Christ.” These two youth will then journey through the waters of baptism on Easter Sunday! Thanks to Priscilla and Sean for leading this very important class, please pray for all involved in this worthy time of growth.

     Work on our new initiatives is progressing. In January we raised over $1,300 for school supplies for Elephant’s Fork Elementary. In her sermon on February 4th, Cheryl helped us think about our homeless neighbors in more compassionate ways – one of the goals of this team. The Fellowship for Women had a launch event on February 26th and plans are underway for a time for our ladies to gather monthly.  Thanks to all who have begun work on these initiatives.

     Finally, the deacons have revised our Constitution in response to the January Town Hall Meeting, changing the quorum back to 50 as proposed. The Constitution is now on the table for 90 days. We will vote on this revised document in a special called business session after worship when the 90 day period has been completed.

    As spring approaches, I see signs of new life in and around Suffolk Christian Church. Thank you to everyone who works so hard to help us remain a beacon on Main Street.

     On the journey with you, Tracy